The Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) is open to foreign passport holders with interests in Asian studies, particularly Chinese studies. It provides a forum for anyone interested in China's history, culture, environment and contemporary issues, to meet and exchange ideas.

Membership of the society provides an opportunity to engage with scholars, artists and commentators working in the field of Asian studies, particularly China, and be involved with the work of an informed society devoted to sharing knowledge about China and Asia.

Membership includes free or discounted entry to all RAS events, invitations to two social events annually, a complimentary copy of the society's annual journal as well as access to the library's resources.

Membership fees are paid annually.

After completing one of the membership forms below, please make your payment via either QR code, with your name in the payment remarks:








Applicants who do not have access to WeChat or Alipay may contact for more payment options.

Chinese citizens who wish to register as Friends of RAS should contact for more information; please do not choose any of the options below.


This membership is for individuals only

CNY 500 / 12 months
Young Professional / Pensioner Membership

This membership is for individuals only

Young Professional membership is offered to people under 30 at discounted membership rate of 350RMB.

CNY 350 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

CNY 350 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

CNY 560 / 12 months
Lifetime membership

This membership is for individuals only

CNY 5000 / Lifetime

This is joint membership for 2 persons. 

CNY 800 / 12 months
Complimentary Institutional Membership
Paid Institutional Membership
CNY 3500 / 12 months